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Success before you start
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Financing a development can be troublesome, time-consuming and stressful, particularly if not prioritized early in the piece. Often amid the excitement of evaluating sites, designing the build, or musing over the potential returns, the funding can take a back seat.

The best developers are those who meticulously plan their finances before entertaining a project, understanding that the funding to a large extent determines the scope. However, even novice developers can get this part right by understanding their finances right from the start.

Unsurprisingly, we recommend examining your finances with a specialist development finance broker prior to committing to a project.

The process Surrey Road Finance follows gives you a greater understanding of what your development will look like before you start. It also benefits the lender in assessing the project; if we can demonstrate that the project has been meticulously planned with the advice of proven experts, they will look more favourably on the application.

The Process before you apply.

1. Stage one – Fact Find

Meet with your development specialist finance broker for a forensic analysis of your current financial situation. This data-driven diagnosis will help outline the scope of the project and help you understand your borrowing power and borrowing options.

It’s important to understand not just how much the banks will lend you, but how much you are comfortable being lent. It's less rewarding completing a project if you have not slept a wink during the whole exercise.

Discussions will typically include things like deposit or equity requirements, cash flow modelling during the project and holding costs. Do you have sufficient cash buffers in place? Are there other events in the next couple of years that you need to adapt your finances to?

2. Stage two – Outcomes

What are the outcomes you are hoping to achieve from the project? Are you developing to sell or to hold? Do you have specific financial target?

It’s important that your broker, your development manager, and your accountant work together to ensure both scope and the outcomes are clearly defined so all your advisors are working in concert.

This process will also help your accountant determine what type of entity you should undertake the project in. Should you buy the site in your own name? Should you set up a trust or company specifically for the project?

3. Stage Three – Strategy

Your broker now understands your current position understand what you are trying to achieve from the project so it’s time to document the finance strategy. This strategy is the key to making sure your development manager, your broker, your accountant, and most importantly you, are all on the same page before the project hits the ground.
Whether it’s your first home purchase or 10th investment property, your first development or latest syndicated property investment; the team at Surrey Road Finance will help create a strategy that serves you both in the short term and the long term. Please reach out at arin@surreyroad.com.au if you think we can help you through your journey.