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Precision Development Management is a Perth based business, providing independent client-side project and development management solutions across the residential property sector. Our team provide a highly personalised and engaging service for the full lifecycle of your project.

We Specialise In


We review a sites potential, including; planning and council requirements, site characteristics, due diligence on market drivers and a cost analysis before you have purchased the site.


Site specific feasibility studies forecasting and estimating the entire development process, from start to finish. We combine Quantity Surveying, Project Management, Research, Due Diligence and our teams experience in a simple to understand feasibility study and Project Report.


We management the design process from start to finish, from the initial sketch through to detailed construction drawings. Designs don’t have to just look good, but work for the people living in them, the council needs to approve them, and they have to work with a budget.


Before the project hits the ground, we will tender, negotiate and appoint the builder for your project, ensuring nothing is missed in the documentation and specification. On site, our team has a comprehensive understanding of the construction process; managing Time, Cost and Quality throughout the build. We also manage bank claims, extensions of time, defect reporting and rectification, neighbour relations and communication.


We don’t stop once the construction is done. We will efficiently manage the sales and leasing process, ensuring the process runs smoothly, and your exit strategy is executed as quickly as possible. 


We do not just manage residential property developments. We also manage the construction of your forever family home, or luxury home build. Having constructed and managed a number of large residential homes we know how individual and personalised they can be. Our team can manage the process from start to finish, including site selection through design, builder appointment, construction and enjoy a champagne together when your family moves into their new home. 

About Us

Founded in 2017, Precision Development Management is based in Perth, Western Australia. We pride ourselves on being local and accessible to our clients, providing a highly personalised experience to ensure we create the best outcome for you. Our approach to your project is holistic, from concept phase right through to delivery. Our teams experience is broad and extensive, with successful projects ranging from small renovations through to large multi-story apartment developments. We offer direct access and open communication with your Project Manager at all times, ensuring a transparent building journey.

At Precision Development Management, we are committed to finding the true potential of your project by running multiple scenarios, combined with detailed market and planning analysis, to ensure we are working with the best fit for both you and your site. We will expertly navigate the minefield of approvals, contracts, variations and any defect rectification work that is required. We also include comprehensive costs in your feasibility to provide our customers with a realistic quote, a greater understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ of the project at hand and a more honest building experience. 


James is MD of precision development management consultants perth
"Our core belief is to produce the best possible outcome for our clients through strong development strategy, and consistent development management. The experienced team at PDM are flexible, never shy away from getting their hands dirty, deliver exceptional results at every stage of a project and always keep the client first, from start to finish. "
– James Franklin - Director
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